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Predictable eBay Success?

Sure. SniperAgent is a useful tool, that helps you win more auctions on eBay. You save a lot of money using our clever automated bidding system. eBay Automated bidding is much more precise than manual bidding. Also, you can hide your interest in a product until the very last moment. When the auction ends, you will outbid others and take the item home.

Multiple Auctions at one Time

On many occasions auctions end at the same time. This is because seller do bulk insert auctions into the eBay site. If you want to bid on multiple auctions at the same time, you would need to manage multiple windows and place your bids early.

Save Money When Shopping

Any bid placed at an auction makes the desired item more expensive. The more bids, the less your chances to win. Bids are creating a demand for more bids. Ultimately, bidders often pay more than they initially were willing to pay. Using an eBay sniper, you can prevent that. A sniping tool is working rationally and only bids up to your max bid.

In the last Second

Finally! You are the high bidder. It's one second before auction close and no-one has the chance to send another bid, because it's too late. SniperAgent is firing your bid in the last possible moment. This way, you hide your interest in the product until auction close. Nobody knows, that you will be the winner!

Unlimited Sniping

Become a Sniper for just EUR 29.99 for 12 months! Place an unlimited number of snipes. No extra costs. No hidden fees. Please review our Pricing Page.

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International Marketplaces

Using SniperAgent, you can send bids to, but also to any international site of eBay, e.g. UK or France. Your bids will be fired in the appropriate auction currency.

Win more Auctions

eBay snipers win far more auctions than standard bidders. If you set a reasonable max bid, you'll win any auction! Many auctions end at night like 3 a.m. No problem for you as a sniper. You just schedule your bids beforehand, and SniperAgent will be sending your bids, even if your machine is switched off!

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Unattended Winning

SniperAgent is an online service. Your bids will be saved on our servers. When auctions are about to end, the snipes will be fired as scheduled. You can leave your desk and switch off your machine. Just do something entertaining, watch TV or play a game. SniperAgent will win your auctions meanwhile.

  • Your machine can be off
  • Unlimited number of snipes
  • Automated bidding in the last second
  • No download required
  • System is secure
  • 99 % reliable servers